I would rather have a half assed version of a relationship with someone who I truly enjoy spending time that might not want to marry me or even “officially call me theirs” then a marriage proposal to someone that just looks good on paper.

"Are you fighting, Katniss? Are you here to fight with us?"
"I am. I will."


JMo and Colin in the Hug that Killed a Thousand CS Fangirls: The angle in which we see Colin’s Stupid Dumb Adorable Puppy Face As He Leans On (the fourth gif kills me)  [x]

This is monsters and magic and nothing we were ever trained for.

Zayn Malik: The little boy from Bradford who became a star.

Favorite Gossip Girl outfits - Serena Van Der Woodsen (part 1)

I’m surprised by how much I’ll miss France. Atlanta was home for almost eighteen years, and though I’ve only known Paris for the last nine months, it’s changed me. I have a new city to learn next year, but I’m not scared.

Because I was right. For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person.

And we’re finally home.

I was kind of a joke in school. Beauty wasn’t something I spent a lot of time on..